Illustrations from Works by Baron D'Hancarville
18th century rapscallion Baron d'Hancarville was many things -- a friend of Thomas Jefferson, cataloger of William Hamilton's tremendous collection of Greek vases, a stealer of silver from French dukes, and a fine purveyor of smut. Yes, Baron d'Hancarville is responsible for the production of two volumes of classical smut, one dealing with the fast times of the twelve Caesars and the second focusing on the mysterious but highly sexy antics of Roman women.

Hancarville's pornographic works were first published sometime in the 1770s and pirated editions were printed several times; one even included a fictitious imprint for the press at the Vatican! He produced these works in order to get out of debt (dude was constantly in debtors prison because he chose to not just steal from French dukes, but to live like one, too). The publication of these books, however, led to him being expelled from Naples!

Shown here are a few non-X-rated images from the book, including one showing a nude Cleopatra sailing with a fully clothed Marc Anthony. Let's just say things get considerably smuttier a few pages later, but you will have to visit the Peabody Library yourself to see what happens next!
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