Mineral Conchology of Great Britain
Shown in this set are a selection of the original pattern plates from James Sowerby's landmark study of mollusks, The Mineral Conchology of Great Britain (1812-1846). The 19th century saw an increase in the mass popularization of scientific study and a particular interest in the collection of native specimen.

James Sowerby (1757-1822) was trained at the Royal Academy and gained a reputation as a fine illustrator for his contributions to works on botany and other fields of natural science. His reputation was such that he later was involved in several multi-volumed sets published over several years. His family, including both sons and daughters, were involved in his publication endeavors.

While today we may look at these pattern plate books as works of art, it is important to remember their initial function was to provide accurate representations of natural phenomena to promote the study of natural history. These notated hand-colored plates were meant to provide guidance in terms of color and shading to others involved in the printing process.

Details regarding the plates: 643 Copper plate engravings in black printing ink, hand colored with watercolor, with iron gall ink and graphite inscriptions.
Plates are numbered 1-648. Two plates for #33 (#33a and #33b) and #184 (#184a and #184b). Two plates for #247 (duplicates). Plates #270, 470, 570,589,590,601,609,646 are missing from the collection.
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