2014 World Rivers Day
A large flotilla of canoes, Voyageur camoes, kayaks, and powered rafts travelled 35 kilometres from Kilby to Mission on a beautiful sunny fall day. Along the way, we visited the gravel and sand bars bars, side channels, islands, and riparian forests that make this part of the Fraser so important to fish and wildlife. Educators Mike Church and Jordan Rosenfeld told us about river morphology and important fish species in the river and David Urban of the Fraser Valley Regional District and lead planner for “Experience the Fraser,” explained the project about connecting and celebrating the Fraser River, its people and its places from Hope to the Salish Sea.

Mark Angelo, founder of World Rivers Day, calls this part of the river the “Heart of the Fraser” in honour of the ecological wealth found there. The Hope-to-Mission stretch produces up to 10 million pink salmon annually, and hundreds of thousands of chum salmon. No other part of the Fraser produces more fish. In fact, 30 species of fish are found here, including the largest population of sturgeon in Canada. Ample bird and mammal species are also supported by the river and its forests.
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