• Okay I had to include Fluoro Tan in here.
  • I still think the first film is one of the best 80's family movies. R.I.P. Mr Myiagi
  • Owned and probably will own every version of this film ever produced!
  • Yup! Still the greatest American TV comedy series of all-time!
  • I was a HUGE Scream fan back in the day. I set up fan sites, etc... They don't hold up too well today (but maybe I just grew up)
  • Essential DVDs for any future filmmaker
  • hehehe okay now THIS! THIS was like the best video game ever back in its day (1984? - although I played it probably in 1987 or later).
  • Always wondered how this entered my collection. It's a very average movie and I must've been doing A LOT of crack in the day.
  • Errrr... I got caught up in the hype. I pretty terrible movie really.
  • Yeah this was given to me AGES ago but I think I'll wait for the 3-disc megaedition coming out soon to see if I should truely find out what I'm supposed to be missing
  • The latest and greatest DVD purchase. "I'm rich biatch!"
  • Don't like this film? You have no soul!
  • For some reason, I could watch this film over and over and over. Why I identify with Norton's character I have no idea. Haven't pushed drugs since I was in the pram.
  • Beautifully shot, wonderful, mesmerising musical score. Screenplay a bit crap but Mann is still shooting three's here.
  • It has Ninja's in it for christsake! I'm there!
  • No film better celebrates the love of film and friendship like this.
  • Didn't LOVE it like so many others do. Needs some more viewings
  • Holy shit! You need a good dose 'happy pills' after going through this emotional trainwreack of a movie. Still brilliant work from PTA.
  • PTA takes us on another rollercoaster ride but the humour is what keeps me coming back for more
  • :)
  • Is the American version any good really? I saw a couple of episodes and wasn't convinced.
  • One collection to rule them all
  • I WAS Lloyd Dobler many years ago. Still think this is kinda a prequel to HIGH FIDELITY
  • Nearly worn the disc down due to overuse. Jack Black works best as a supporting character yeah?
  • Scared the living shit outta me when I was 10. Good commentary track with Wes, Langenkamp and the DOP
  • My only western in the collection. But if you're gonna include one, then this is the shit!
  • Sooooooooo much better than episodes I > III
  • Great visual inspiration
  • Spectacular set. Watched annually
  • I was never a HUGE Buffy fan but when it aired on Channel 7 here, I followed it through my Uni days
  • Back when the series was most memorable for me
  • I remember seeing these back on ABC at like 10pm on a Tuesday. Watching them now I never fully comprehended how surreal they were
  • NOT the best film ever made in the hooververse
  • The Chemical Brothers live shows are very damn cool even to this day.
  • Tell me how many times you've watched these movies? I count in the twenties at least!
  • Kevin Smith's greatest achievement. I've heard Clerks II is pretty good but Kev lay off the ego of late a little.
  • You either go with this film or you don't. Guess I do.
  • Didn't like the film on first viewing. But it gets better with repeats
  • I'm attempting to collect all the Hitchcock movies. These are my favourites though.
  • A very cool concert from Harper and although I don't really care for his new album, this DVD will please die-hard fans
  • The battle sequences still reign supreme but it's getting more and more heavyhanded as I get older
  • Some of the short films on here directed by Liam Lynch are pretty hilarious (and disgusting). The D rule though and I'm looking forward to the feature film
  • Still holds up very well thanks to Tarantino's brilliant script.
  • Watched this again only the other day. Not sure if I love it as much as I used to though.
  • Comtemplating getting the 3-disc version to replace this

DVD Collection

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Not too many I know... and kind of a sad collection for being such a film buff. But hey - I blame my 80's upbringing on cheesey movies.

I kinda got bored of buying DVDs after they initially came onto the market and only buy something now unless I think it will get decent amounts of re-watches.

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  1. Dr Snafu 104 months ago | reply

    How did you make this image? I have a vague memory of some web app that does it for you but i can't remember what it was called.

  2. hooverdust 104 months ago | reply

    There's two apps. The mac one is called Delicious Monster and the PC version is Media Man.

  3. emlsuto 104 months ago | reply

    Holy crap there's a PC version? Consider me downloading.

  4. bagel47 103 months ago | reply

    it's quality not quantity that matters
    high fidelity is my fave movie......
    and hello hooverdust nice to meet you fellow melbournian bandito.

  5. Sergio Ivan 09 [deleted] 82 months ago | reply

    nice collection

  6. BecccaLoveee [deleted] 80 months ago | reply

    you left out a lot of great 80's movies.

  7. Sleep So Good 62 months ago | reply

    awesome collection

  8. Compound Eye 54 months ago | reply

    Nice to see Duel and Jaws in there... Spielberg's indisputable best.

    ...and John Carpenter's 'The Thing' - the best thing he has ever done, and the documentary is almost as good too.

  9. collectioncore 38 months ago | reply

    WOW! And I thought I had a lot of movies! You should show it off more at collectioncore.com

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