Indiana, The Great Flood of 1913
The Great Flood of 1913 is the standard by which all other floods are measured in Indiana. The rains began in late March of 1913 and continued for three days, affecting Indiana and Ohio in particular. Virtually all Indiana river basins (the Wabash, White, Whitewater, St. Joseph, Maumee and Ohio) experienced extensive flooding. Major cities and small towns alike were inundated by flood waters along the major rivers and their tributaries.

In Indianapolis, the U. S. Weather Bureau includes the following in its records of the event for Logansport. "March 21, 1913 .54 inches; March 22, 1913 00 inches; March 23, 1913 .45 inches; March 24, 1913 2.30 inches; March 25, 1913 1.97 inches; March 26, 1913 rain gauge washed away by flood and no further record available."

For several years prior to the Great Flood, photographers had been taking photographs and creating postcards. It was also during this period leading up to the Great Flood that postcards had become a popular means of staying in touch with relatives and friends. Collecting postcards had become a very popular pastime during this period as well.

So photographers throughout the region documented the disaster and used the postcard medium as a means of recording the event for posterity.

This set contains a small portion of the Great Flood postcards that I've scanned. I'll be adding more as time allows.
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