Prosperous Season, Prosperous Styles, Mid Valley, 11-Jan-2009
Recently chanced upon this opportunity for photography at Mid Valley. I have been not shooting for quite a while..more than 3 months. So i was really happy to shoot again.

This fashion show is in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration which falls on 26th and 27th of January 2009. The fashion showcase was really nice and you will get to see the modern-classics of chinese wear for the season.

Thoughts from this shooting:
Again, being here in Midvalley for the second time, conditions are still the same. Lighting wasn't that strong but this time round, didn't use flash at all as i got a place nearer to the stage. Many nice photos with good expression has gone to waste..however, there are still some i really like..

Hope you all enjoy the photo set!
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