Ferry Vans
The two wagons shown would have been built at Lancing in 1951 (Diagram D1/291) as 14T Motor Car Ferry Vans. Designed specifically for that role, the first lot of 20, was followed later by another 10 and were used on Cross-Channel train ferries, which ceased in 1958. The wagons were then used in many cases as unloaded barrier wagons., e.g. on trains of fuel tank wagons to Grangemouth. I photographed one of each lot there in the 1980’s, and then one of the first lot at Crewe in 2000. The Flickr images are of B889002 of the first series at Grangemouth in 1986 and B889027 (second lot) there in 1982. The blue/grey-liveried B889009 is unlike the others, since it carries the legend “ Distributed Load 14 Tonnes” and the TOPS code ZSX (formerly XIV?), indicating use on ferries. Note that all three have brackets on the solebar for lifting by crane as well as continental-style running gear. The much more common BR CCT’s, with which they are often confused, do not have these and have windows and two sets of doors per side and are longer. The two “coaches” referred to were in the first lot of the ferry vans - B889009 (see above) and B889015 - and both in were in unlined Motorail livery and had BSI coupling to match enabling them to be coupled to early 151/156 Sprinters.

Clearer detail of the running gear of one of these ferry vans as built, namely
BR(SR) RIV VIX Ferry Van 21 70 219 9 010-6 in store on 15/10/1977 at March, Cambs.can be found on Flickr [© 2014 - 53A Models of Hull Collection. Scanned from the original 35mm colour transparency photographed by the late David R Vickers]. The brake lever, however, is different.
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