Holography Archives
Since 1976, I have been collecting and preserving printed memorabilia and ephemera related to the world-wide history of lasers and holography. Its scope documents over 150 years of three dimensional imaging science and technology, from the invention of stereo photography to laser holograms (only lasers and holography are included in this Flickr album).

The 20,000+ piece collection consists of vintage lasers, holograms, lenticulars, documentary film, video, and photography, optics, optical equipment, periodicals, rototypes, posters, books, advertising, stereoscopes, exhibition catalogs, postcards, brochures, contracts, newsletters, stereographs, patents, documents, letters, stamps, business cards, magazines, press releases, invitations, newspaper articles, announcements, letterheads, industrial catalogs, envelopes, postage stamps, and many other examples of memorabilia and ephemera.

Since 1983, the collection has been made available, by appointment, to those visitors with an interest in the history of lasers, optics, holography and 3D.

My collection has been utilized as a resource for various media projects, with materials used in film, print and television. It has been a destination for students, educators, scientists, technicians, hobbyists and general enthusiasts, from around the world, for over 30 years.
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