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Stardust Motor Hotel - Anaheim, California

One of our unusually quiet, luxurious rooms.

Just one minute north of Disneyland exits. Designed and appointed for discriminating travelers, yet at rates prevailing in the area.

Has AAA's Highesy

Rating - "EXCELLENT"

1057 West Ball Road, Anaheim, California

Phone: PRospect 2-0120


Mailed from Anaheim, California to Miss Edith L. Brown of Lima, Ohio on July 22, 1963:



7/21 - 1:30 PM



Arrived late @ 12:30 from San Diego after a wonderful & busy week with our friends. Our motel room is like this but has a balcony instead of a patio. Jess & john are seeing Treasure Island while I write cards. This place is fantastic. Betty.

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Taken on July 22, 1963