A Dedication

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    Raquel, my wife Erin and I would like to thank the wonderful people who broke into my house and stole a lot of stuff while my wife and I were attending her Grandmother's funeral.

    Thanks for the fantastic day and absolutely no sleep!

    Yours truly,
    Jordan, Erin and our spokes-Raquel

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    1. Waffle Whiffer 55 months ago | reply

      That's horrible! Sorry to hear that.

    2. Larry He's So Fine 55 months ago | reply

      Bad break, sure hope they catch the scumbags. They did this here the other day to a guy who was getting married. They broke into where he worked and stole his mechanics tools worth over $15000.

    3. Jordan Smith (The Pie Shops) 55 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the kind words, everyone. The stuff can (mostly) be replaced. it's just knowing that the creeps were in our house while we were dealing with a family death. it just makes me so angry. Luckily it appears it was teenagers who had no interest in my 1000s of postcards, old slide projector, magazines and other nerdy stuff.

    4. www.vonvictor.com.br [deleted] 55 months ago | reply


    5. JE Piper 55 months ago | reply

      Sorry to hear that, having had it happen to me, I know how terrible it feels. But perhaps you can count yourself lucky that at least you don't have to put up with the New York City Police Department after that!

    6. j lee 55 months ago | reply

      wow, that blows

    7. TheUnrequitedTV 55 months ago | reply

      ...you will be fine...if/when they catch the little rodents PLEASE post their mugs...already thinking of things to say...

      b.t.w., miss welch used to come into the gift shop in west l.a. where i worked for awhile...she behaved nothing like her reputation would indicate...very classy...

    8. DarrellBrandon [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

      Wow. Such bad timing - I'm sorry to hear things have been so rough on you. You bring us such happiness!

    9. Jordan Smith (The Pie Shops) 55 months ago | reply

      Thanks again everybody for the well wishes. I really do appreciate it. I am a little calmer today - still angry but better at handling it.

    10. vivienne_strauss 55 months ago | reply

      that is AWFUL! You have to wonder how people like that think, what goes through their mind that justifies that kind of behavior?

    11. itsallgroovy1 55 months ago | reply

      So sorry to hear about your loss and the invasion of creeps. It's awful to think we have such selfish humans in our midst.

    12. justlaura 55 months ago | reply

      Oh wow. :( I'm sorry to hear that. It's times like this when I really hope that karma exists.

      And I agree with TheUnrequitedTV about the mugshots. :)

    13. Jordan Smith (The Pie Shops) 55 months ago | reply

      Update: Our next door neighbors were robbed this afternoon at some time. Appears to be the same kids - stolen TV, video game systems, etc....
      Hopefully they catch these little punks soon.

    14. Rob Cruickshank 55 months ago | reply

      Sorry to hear that- it's particularly awful when people prey on folks at a vulnerable time like that.

    15. Joshua Slocum [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

      time to install an external CCTV system
      we did that after they started getting near ( they had already nicked the car)
      used to leave it running and store the tapes for a month
      every time a break in occured the Police used to come for the tapes and see what scum were around
      what did surprise me was how many callers we had during the day?
      now nothing is left about and we have a dog
      hope they catch them soon
      we have wonderful police here, they dont pack heat, are always polite and old fashioned but sharp with it. although some times I feel that we could do with the old type copper who took the local thugh to one side for a chat?
      used to work

    16. rawart90 55 months ago | reply

      Sorry guy--people can really suck--where do you live? ( state ) **that looks like Raquel in a gritty men's room ( Lava soap & all ) Is it a movie still?

    17. pixelnaiad 54 months ago | reply

      Sorry for your loss.
      Hope you recover some of it. My mom lost the contents of her store once...it was awful.

      Funerals and break-ins sadly are too often linked.

      Great stream though (and blog).

    18. benjaminfunke2010 52 months ago | reply

      i miss your xbox.

    19. FOOTLUSTER JAY [deleted] 52 months ago | reply

      LOL! Good one.

    20. sunderlandartstudent 48 months ago | reply

      Vermin, they should chop one of their hands off the pour lemon and vinegar on the stump. The worst is when they vandalise as well like urinating on the furniture. They do that in England a lot, the druggies.

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