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[184/365] In the Darkest Situations, Love and Light are Revealed. | by Holly Elizabeth DeVane
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[184/365] In the Darkest Situations, Love and Light are Revealed.

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So, from my picture the other day, I found out that the light in my windows work very well with the camera. So I tried this.


Today has been much of a family day. My step niece Katelyn was here most of the day, and she's such a sweetheart. I see her as my FULL niece, just as my sister sees her as her own daughter. We all spent time together, because it's those hard and hurtful moments that bring everyone closer. Please keep my sister in your prayers as she goes into surgery tomorrow for a d&c. She's very nervous, and I don't blame her. Unfortunately, I'll be at work while she's there.


Like I've said, it's a hurtful situation to deal with, but my sister is one of the strongest people I've ever known. In fact, she IS the strongest person I know, and with the love in this family, and the love with her husband Nate, and also the love and plan that God has for them, I know everything will be okay.


So, I am okay. I do know everything will turn out fine, and that God has a plan, but you can't help but feel those natural emotions.


Anyways, I hope you all like today's picture. Also, I've created a Youtube especially for my Flickr followers, and I put a video up, but then I realized I rambled in the video for almost nine minutes, so I deleted it. Would any of you seriously watch me ramble for nine minutes!? The quality was bad anyways, so I'll possibly try to do a new video tomorrow.


The Youtube account is HollyDeVPhotography if any of you wanted to go ahead and subscribe! I'll try to update it a good bit!


Also, Tuesday at 10:15 I have my final for Art. Then Tuesday night I turn in an essay and I'm DONE for the semester. Thank goodness. Unfortunately, I have this bad feeling I'll be working a TON this month. This is the busiest month at Victoria's Secret. I'm also applying for the position of the "Bra Specialist". Basically in that position, I'm obviously a bra specialist, but I also lead meetings, only have one weekend off a month, train newer employees, get some extra pay, etc. So hopefully I get it!


I'll be getting back to QOTD's soon, I promise! I know a lot of you liked those, but unfortunately I'm brain dead on questions. Thank you everyone for being so patient with me, and still viewing and commenting. It means more to me than you think!



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Taken on December 5, 2010