Li'l minivan

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    Anabee doing a little drawing while we head to the grocery store. This shows a great advantage to the bugatti-style cover -- you can go practically top down, but keep the hoops in place with side fabric that both provides a little wind protection, and holds down the hoops. The top fabric is very stretchy and soft, and packs away under part of the bench. And pops on quickly at the store. Its' a really well-designed, well-constructed cover.

    1. Hello Giffy 35 months ago | reply

      Cool --- you've really Tetris'd her in there. Well done!

    2. evilgordon 35 months ago | reply

      That's a great picture.

    3. shetha 35 months ago | reply

      Sweet! Nice goggle holder :-)

    4. Patrick Barber 35 months ago | reply

      Oh yeah, that's my favorite use of inner tubes ever. Holds gloves too.

    5. through a pin-hole 35 months ago | reply

      Heh, this almost feels like cheating when it comes to front racks :) That's one hell of a front rack :)

    6. somebody's little weasel 35 months ago | reply

      that's the best kind of front rack, one with a seat a a sweet little person! ;)

    7. Patrick Barber 35 months ago | reply

      Yeah, I wondered if this would count. Feel free to wield your administrator's baton.

    8. sg310 35 months ago | reply

      Once she's onto a Nintendo or iPod you'll need to rig up a SON dynahub to charge it on the go. This is a great pic

    9. ChrysArt 34 months ago | reply

      Great shot! I had to keep looking to see the child.

    10. 19 months ago | reply

      I'm trying to figure out how to make my own/have a bugatti made for my Haley trike. Preferably sound-proof so that I don't have to hear the fighting. (I kid. sort of).
      Are the bars permanent?
      They attach via those plastic mounting doo-hickeys, right?
      My big kids are 4 and 6, and I'm worried about this being tall enough for them. But you prefer this over the prairie style, correct?

    11. Patrick Barber 19 months ago | reply

      Hm. I don't know how much you know about how the Christainia works. The bugatti and prairie frame-pieces both use the same little metal tubes that are mounted on the corners of the box. To use the Bugatti I had to add posts to tie down the fabric, since it needs tension at a slightly different spot than the Prairie.

      The Bugatti has more height (and consistent height) back by the seats than the Prairie, so it should be better for bigger kids-- better than the prairie.

      The bars -- by which you mean, I think, the metal frame pieces that hold the fabric -- are not permanent. The difference between the bugatti and the prairie is that with the bugatti the frame pieces can stay mounted even with the top off, whereas with the prairie, if you take the cover off the frame pieces must be removed and stored alongslde the box -- otherwise they'll fall out without the cover to hold them down.

      Like i said, none of that will make much sense unless you have seen how the Christiania covers are put together and attached. Likewise I have no idea what kind of accommodation for covers you have with your Haley. Ideally you should find a Christiania and have a look at how it works, and copy it. It is a very good system, the best system I have seen on any cargo bike. The Nihola comes in 2nd.

    12. 18 months ago | reply

      Great! Thanks so much for that-it makes total sense. I definitely don't want to deal with removing the metal frame pieces, so I think the bugatti is the way to go.
      I have never seen a Christiania in person, only via online image searches. I understand how it works, my next step will be finding a metal worker who can make some for me.
      Thanks again!!

    13. Patrick Barber 18 months ago | reply

      you can buy the bugatti cover -- frame pieces and all -- from christiania. then you would just need to have the metal worker put in the little tubes to mount the frame pieces into. I constructed the extra tension posts from stuff at the hardware store. Cap nuts, long screws, and long washers.

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