Pilen Lyx Portlandia, loaded for bear

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    I test rode this Swedish city bike for a few weeks to review for Vélocouture. This the last day I had it. In the photo it's fully loaded with market produce, a long day's worth of wool layers since discarded, and, of course, a bouquet of flowers. While the Pilen is not intended for lots of cargo, it handled my overloaded exertions with grace. And the most amazing thing about this bike? Pal, it is _fast_. Something about the flexes-just-enough frame, maybe? I kept looking down at my feet, expecting to see a little electric motor I'd forgotten about. Began to refer to its "built-in tailwind." Yep, along with city bike amenities and the ability to haul a full travel pack on a frame-mounted front rack without any fuss, this bike is a zippy joy to ride. Anyway, more when I finish the whole review.

    Belated but updated: I reviewed it! Here.

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    1. Lovely Bicycle! 89 months ago | reply

      love that front rack

    2. Cold Iron 89 months ago | reply

      I aspire to shoot photos like this. Beautiful shot of a beautiful bike. You got skills, dude.

    3. Hugger Industries 89 months ago | reply

      Ok to blog this, ballah?

    4. Patrick Barber 89 months ago | reply

      sure huggah, with credit of course.

    5. Hugger Industries 89 months ago | reply

      Ok. Set the permissions to open it up to blogging.

    6. Patrick Barber 89 months ago | reply

      you're a "friend" therefore should be able to download the photo.

    7. Hugger Industries 89 months ago | reply

      How does the Olympus deal with CA around the chrome. Did you have to post process that out. The photo has some hot spots.

    8. Patrick Barber 89 months ago | reply

      Actually the hotspots are probably due to some brightening I did in post... that, and the midafternoon light.

      The camera doesn't show much in the way of chromatic aberration. It's film btw, so less of an issue than with digital.

    9. through a pin-hole 75 months ago | reply

      It's really interesting hearing different impressions of this bike - both Lovely Bicycle and I felt it was not especially speedy, but her husband also, like you, felt it was quite zippy. Curious what all goes into that and making it such a different experience for different people.

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