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Goodbye Maggie.... Her final 52 weeks photo | by Hodgey
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Goodbye Maggie.... Her final 52 weeks photo

I am in total shock today.... My dog Maggie, my friend, my confidant, the person that made me laugh everyday has died. Maggie just turned 6 in September and we had her from the time she was 4 months old.

Two weeks ago she came down with a bladder or UTI infection. She was put on antibiotics and seemed to recover. She's had a bit less energy but was on the upswing. Yesterday morning when i woke up, Maggie, who sleeps with me rolled over and put her feet up in the air. I was shocked to see that there was major edema to both back legs. She seemed to walk OK though slowly. She ate OK and didn't have any problems using the bathroom. We decided not to take her out on a run but to go for a drive through the blueberry barrens. Sundays and Mondays are my days off and Maggie expects to go out on an adventure. It's our routine. We got out a few times to take photos and Maggie came along and walked short distances. This is her watching my husband taking photos. Had she been feeling better she would have been beside him. When we got home she vomited and she had been drinking more water. I called the vet and left a message. She called back at 10 pm and said to bring her in first thing in the morning. Maggie threw up water in the morning before

i took her to the vet. she weighed in at 82.4 pounds. 2 weeks ago she weighed 73.8 pounds. The vet said she had no fever and though her heart rate was a bit fast it was not out of the normal range. She was running some blood tests and i could call at 1:30. Before i could call I got a message to call her that it was an emergency..........

Dr. Teer told me she had left for lunch and that Maggie was in the big kennel standing and wagging her tail. When she got back from lunch Maggie had died.......... She was flummoxed and will try to find out why Maggie died.......

We are so devastated. This is the last photo for the 52 weeks group though i know that I will be posting more photos of her on flickr that I have been saving. I love this group and hope to continue commenting on your photos.........


**** Update....... for those that haven't heard ........... Maggie died of a bile duct blockage. She had no fever and her heart rate was slightly elevated yet not out of normal range. She was slightly dehydrated from the vomiting, her liver function was a little below normal but her bile function was more than 5 times what it should have been. Even if i had taken her to the emergency vet when i first noticed the edema it is not something that they would have considered to look for...... until she vomited........ and then it was too late. It had nothing to do with diet, apparently it is hereditary.............. Nothing could have been done to save her......... She gave us so much joy and laughter. She was awesome.......

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Taken on October 11, 2009