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U and Y

Meet Y and U, and their pet as well — but it would be hard to introduce the latter, as his name is … .

That is, the first three dots are his name, and the last one is just to end the sentence with. Y likes wearing a wash-basin on his head, for fear of alien invasion. He claims it is much better and safer than foil. U is a very attractive girl but a bit of a weirdie. However, life with Y and … would make anyone a weirdie. U thinks that the washbasin is much more suitable for bathing … when he comes home dirty all over. … thinks that no washbasin or any other remedy can help Y and that trying to be a normal tidy butterfly beside these two is, er, stupid — while all the normal butterflies are deeply convicted that this family has nothing to do with whatever criteria of normality, so it’s safer to stay away from them, just in case.


Bears: viscose, felt, lace, sackcloth, sawdust, mineral granulate, reinforced thread.


The bears are heavy, and feel hard to the touch. Can stand confidently without any support.

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Taken on April 23, 2012