Golden Mile Complex
A strange whimsical blend of 1960s brutalism with utopian experimentation in mixed-usage high rise architecture. The building has each floor offset from the previous with stepped terraces facing Nicoll highway and the bay waters.

The inevitable human individualization of the apartment units have transformed the once uniform waterfront-facing balconies and terraces into a Kowloon-like jumble of colors and textures; a homely, lived-in feel but also rogue and un-coordinated; very unlike modern SIngapore.

The cave-like atrium of the lower floors is dark and oppressive with its shockingly insufficient lighting and soot-coated Gilliamesque tubing straight out of Brazil or any dystopian 1980s sci-fi set. The adjacent Golden Mile Tower adds a glum and melancholic Laputa-like atmosphere of abandonment to the place.

Time has not been kind to this development, which today, although indisputably unique, must be reasonably categorized as both an eyesore and a slum, certain to be razed and re-developed eventually unless good will prevails and a massive restoration effort is undertaken.
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