Why should a man be scared?

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    Part of a diptych

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    1. Hanjosan 108 months ago | reply

      It must be a good idea to look away. I love this juxtaposition.

    2. -hndrk- 108 months ago | reply

      Yes Erik, in this case just a bystander...

    3. (Erik) 108 months ago | reply

      Prachtig dan...Precies de goede blik bij het kunstwerk...

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    4. B℮n 108 months ago | reply

      Goed moment om te klikken zeg!


    5. artcphoto 108 months ago | reply

      wonderful combination of expressions!
      very well seen!

    6. Live4sports 108 months ago | reply

      Nice composition and it looks more like wondering eyes than fear, just my observation.

    7. tonycanossa 108 months ago | reply

      An absolutely pre-Raphaelitan character. I am amazed by the way you mananged to seamlees mix two different worlds
      ( drawing / living human) into a meaningful third one.
      The precision of your built in eye for perfect compositions lets me perplex..... there is a visual path, a line that ties the whole picture together, it starts on the right hand border of the picture, wher the hair meets the edge, goes to the left, inches along the ase of the pie-crown, goes to the chin of the kid, dissapears for a moment ,
      behaind his neck reappears on the collar of the t-shirt, circles de front of the neck, ties with the pullover and starts going down by the edge of his figure, and then for the last 20 cms jumps to the shoulder strap of the girl- turns up in a bucle, and ties with the profile of the girl face, showing us, by the way her expresion .... increible.

    8. _davidh_ 108 months ago | reply

      There is nothing to fear but fear itself....or a truckload of 6 foot 4 Maoris on Ice!!

    9. chubbster 108 months ago | reply

      You stole his sole, he has every rite to be scared

    10. mitumo 108 months ago | reply

      she reminds me of medusa , too!

    11. Ned Lyttelton 108 months ago | reply

      The photographer as agent again. You don't record the scene, you create it. The question is, what might he be scared of? The lion's complacent dominance is chilling., but there are four of you in the moment (five if you count the owl). There you are again. And here: both the boy and the girl in the other half of the diptych have their backs to the art, so who here is "facing art"?

      This pair is masterly.

    12. -hndrk- 108 months ago | reply

      Yes, who is 'facing' art? I was aware of that question, Ned... and I am very happy that you ask it in public. You gave the answer yourself in the comment on the other half of the diptych: the viewer on Flickr is the third party that is facing the art...

      There is no easy way out. Like I said before, art should be a personal game. There is no uniform subcription of what to perceive...

      Thanks for your enthusiam, Ned.

    13. Bluesrose 108 months ago | reply

      I wonder... why her nose is so red... :)

    14. Sir Cam 108 months ago | reply

      excellent series!

    15. changing bills 108 months ago | reply

      I must agree with ned...
      It's in a man´s nature to be scared, when you were aware of your surrouding you acted with natural insticts...
      and as you say art is one with each and every mind, a sublime message to the soul that get's it...
      hope you don't in legal troubles, hehe...
      keep them coming...

    16. Samuelraj - Professional Photographer 108 months ago | reply

      when i saw the picture i thought its a candid shot infront of a art, was too busy observing the art and the caption, but as i started to read the comments, there is so much then just a caption and the person.

      @ Oh Yes, there are certain pictures my instincts tell me go ahead to do it based on your concept as i'm aware not to be become superficial or unrealistic. Enjoying too much with that kind of presentation.

      Thanks for the comments.

    17. ***Carmem*** 79 months ago | reply

      Contrastes que "casam" tão bem..:)
      Awesome sht,Hendrik!

    18. Adriano_2 52 months ago | reply

      Great shot! I think pre-raphaelites can't do no more damages.
      Post-raphaelites yes!
      I'm seeing a baffled man looking around to realize what's meaning this work.
      But you have built a perfect composition.

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