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A quiet sunset. No loud colors, no day that ends with a bang. Maybe more of a sigh.


I met a man this evening. I still don't know his name. But I do know, I took one look at the beer in his hand, his cut off dripping shorts, the late model car with cracked tail lights and held together with plastic where the rust had removed the rest, and I judged. And I was angry. I had come looking for solitude and it wouldn't be found here.


But then he spoke. And he shared with me the joy he had in coming out to this spot when he wasn't working, just to watch the sun set. And to play with the dog he found abandoned along the road. She liked swimming. And he liked pleasing her. And as he spoke, he walked around the small area of the shore, gathering the trash of others and carrying it to a barrel; close, but too far for some.


I found myself embarrassed in my own judgment. In my own self absorption. And in my own busy-ness; forgetting to enjoy the reason I was here, worried instead by the mechanics.


And so I left with a pretty view, but a much better lesson. And I drove away humbled.


31/52 - The Big Five Two

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Taken on July 31, 2011