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Long ago I reached for you, and there you stood

10/26/2010 - 299/365


Sometimes in life, there are little miracles. I met Cindy because I clicked through a link on red *'s stream. And at that particular time, Cindy had added a post about the loss of her own father to a cancer which is often too late identified and too rarely survived. She has spent the time since her father's passing in efforts to raise awareness and funds for pancreatic cancer research. Yesterday afternoon, I came home to this amazing gift from this wonderful woman, following only a brief exchange on my own father's passing from the same.


Two things stand out in my memories of my own experience with this cancer. The night I received the call from my dad, half the country away, to tell me he was going to die. You don't soften those words. You can't. And I remember thinking...why did it take the doctors (because there's always more than one) more than 6 months to call it pancreatic cancer? And, then, I remember that last night. When almost two years later, I had flown out for my final visit with my father and watched him slip away forever. And again, I remember thinking, why weren't there other solutions instead of this final one?


There may have been answers to both of those questions, but we didn't know who to ask back then. Thank you, Cindy. For the gifts; but more importantly, for the information and the chance to help another family find their answers and maybe even offer alternative solutions from the one's we faced.


The Carole King version of this song is the best way to hear it:


"One more song about moving along the highway

Can't say much of anything that's new

If I could only work this life out my way

I'd rather spend it being close to you

But you're so far away"

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Taken on October 26, 2010