Discovery! New Dimetrodon [Paleontology]
The Houston Museum of Natural Science Paleontology team has discovered an articulated specimen of a Dimetrodon on the Craddock Ranch in Baylor County.

The team named the fossil “Wet Willi”—“Wet” because it was found while excavating a drainage trench for the quarry, and “Willi” for Samuel Williston, a paleontologist and educator who was active at the site 100 years ago. Dimetrodon bones are common in the Craddock quarry, but articulated fossil skeletons, like “Wet Willi,” are extremely rare.

Learn more about Wet Willi in this video with HMNS Associate Curator of Paleontology David Temple.

Excavation of the fossil is currently underway. “Wet Willi” will be the star of the Permian section of the Museum’s newly renovated paleontology hall, opening in 2012!
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