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    1. Aanchir 30 months ago | reply

      Kind of a shame that the Serpentine generals, Snike, and Lord Garmadon don't have front-view pics like the rest... of course, all of the front view pics besides Samukai's originate from the spinner sets, so I guess it makes sense.

      On a side note, Samukai's image has an error that was also present in the official image from Garmadon's Dark Fortress which was clearly used here: his loincloth is supposed to be red, not white. The original image had his torso switched with Bonezai's, since the two appeared together in that set.

      Also I'm a bit surprised that the skeletons aren't put in any logical order, unlike the Serpentine. You'd think they'd either put all the generals (Samukai, Wyplash, Nuckal, and Kruncha) together or group them by color/element (Red/Fire, White/Ice, Blue/Lightning, and Gray/Earth).

      In general, though, this chart looks like a great reference. I can't count the number of times I've had to count the minifigs from each year in my head to remember how many unique figs there are (even checking Bricklink takes some doing because they count the different variants of the skeletons as separate figs even though the change can be as minimal as the style of their arms or whether they have armor/hats).

    2. hmillington 30 months ago | reply

      I'd say that all the images in the book are stock LEGO ones.

    3. Aanchir 30 months ago | reply

      Yes, it's a bit of a shame. But since so many great minifigure pics are available in the Ninjago theme (case in point: my desktop background which I made from images), I suppose they might as well take advantage of them. Plus, some of them might even be higher resolution than I've been able to find online-- for instance, unlike most spinner sets, Lloyd ZX doesn't have any high-res front view minifig pic on

      Another nice advantage of this two-page spread in particular is that it seems to show all of the minifigures (besides the 2012 Lord Garmadon, the exclusive "Green Ninja ZX", and Pythor) to approximate scale. Which is never a bad thing to know.

    4. hmillington 30 months ago | reply

      There's a couple of 2012 figs that I don't have at the moment but when my collection is complete I'll do a minifig gallery at Brickset. They are colourful and varied and it should look great :-)

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