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    UK club magazines, Jan 2012

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    1. Gregorovich9 27 months ago | reply

      This is a bad move on LEGO's part, I think. Feminists will go crazy over the fact that girls have to have a separate magazine from boys, instead of just including the girlier themes in the regular magazine.

    2. LegoMyMamma 27 months ago | reply

      Alas, you are right in that the "women's rights groups" (I got in trouble saying feminists ;-) have already begun the spin cycle.

      Maybe let girls/parents opt-in, rather than sending as default selection.

    3. ¬Valhalla 27 months ago | reply

      Seriously... I definitely agree with why can't they just stick with one magazine...

    4. .Jake 27 months ago | reply

      I know for a fact that my little sister prefers Ninjago. Daft idea by Lego here, I agree.

    5. LegoMyMamma 27 months ago | reply

      That's great about your sister; but what about all the girls who don't play with LEGO now, yet are interested in dolls, etc.? Do you think it's good to get more girls building overall?

    6. Carson Hart 27 months ago | reply

      I agree with you on that. They are trying to go out for the girls who aren't already into to building, and they are trying to get them to like it by bringing in a theme that resembles play houses and dolls. I don't exactly think that it is the best idea to separate the magazines by gender though. Hopefully this is just a one time thing.

    7. ncbarrett 27 months ago | reply

      it says issue 1, so there will likely be more, and I hope so. :)

    8. Aanchir 27 months ago | reply

      The decision mostly makes sense to me. I know a lot of young male subscribers would be upset if the content they liked was reduced to add features on girl-oriented sets like Friends, which is probably the reason why Belville and Paradisa were never featured in the Mania Magazine as far as I remember.

      The one part I question is that it seems like the Cool Creations section of the girls' magazine only has creations by girls, and the Cool Creations section of the boys' magazine presumably only has creations by boys. I think it would be constructive for girls to see boys' creative accomplishments and vice-versa, which this format doesn't encourage.

      I think it might have been better-handled if the creations had been segregated by content rather than by the gender of the builder: create a pool of "cool creations" by both genders and then let a panel of boys and girls decide which ones girls will think are coolest and which ones boys will think are coolest.

      There would still be a bit of bias, but this way there'd be room for overlap (boys and girls might agree on certain creations belonging in the magazine), and the option would be available for girls' creations to be featured in the boys' magazine and vice-versa.

      Anyway, I was kind of expecting this change as towards the end of 2011 there was a survey exclusively for female LEGO Club members on, and I figured part of it was to determine whether a spin-off magazine would be a good idea. This is part of the reason I am not too against a change: I figure girls in the LEGO club probably got a chance to give their input on whether they wanted their own special magazine and which content they wanted to see in it. And presumably there will still be a chance for subscribers to complete an online survey on the magazine they just read after each issue, so if subscribers want more Ninjago they can ask for it.

      It's kind of a shame that there is no female counterpart to Max as of yet, though. I thought it would be great if there were two visually-compatible LEGO Club mascots who could go on adventures together. I wonder how the LEGO Club website will respond to this change-- hopefully, there will be both more content for girls and continued content for boys, but also changes in some features like The LEGO Club Show so that both genders can enjoy these same features to a reasonable extent.

    9. Gregorovich9 27 months ago | reply

      Aanchir, from what I've seen there is a new mascot. I think she's called Nina, but I'm not sure. She looks a lot like the Stephanie character, but her hair is orangey-red and I think her eyes are green. She's not a minifigure, but I still think it's possible they could have a story together.

    10. Aanchir 27 months ago | reply

      Well, that's cool. I normally wouldn't like Friends figs and classic minifigures interacting too much in LEGO themes, but since The Adventures of Max and other features including the LEGO Club mascot already tend to be crossoveriffic, I guess it wouldn't pose problems.

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