The LEGO Ideas Book

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    1. Aanchir 42 months ago | reply

      "Roof is attached to shed with a 1x6 jumper plate"... say what? That looks to be a 1x4 studded slope piece from back in my childhood, and doesn't have any 1x6 surfaces at all (not to mention how inaccessible it would be to kids with more recent LEGO collections, and how much time they might spend struggling trying to figure out from the picture what piece that is).

      There are other tips here that make just as little sense. One I noticed my first time reading the book at a local toy store was "Gate made from lattice gate attached upside down". How is that upside-down? Once again, we have a fairly obscure older part being used with a description that would probably only confuse kids even further.

      Perhaps that's another way having it written by actual LEGO designers would help-- fewer screw-ups like this! I'd gladly take a designer-made building tips guide that teachers real techniques used in modern sets over a dubiously-made idea book that teaches you weird ways to use parts even I don't own in any considerable quantity. Then again, I guess that's what the Master Builder Academy is for... I really ought to get a subscription to that; I was very impressed with the starter kit.

    2. eldeeem 42 months ago | reply

      I'm very excited to read this book, I love that it's essentially written by fans. It makes it closer to being for AFOLs, which is nice.

      ^And that lattice looks very much upside-down to me.

    3. andhe :-) 42 months ago | reply

      Might have to put this on my christmas list. Very nice looking, and probably for the same reasons why I trawl flickr etc, just to see other peoples MOCs (and if there are any small scale ideas I can borrow).

      Had a load of those 'lattice' pieces as a kid
      apparently they are in current sets as well!

    4. Aanchir 42 months ago | reply

      Not to me. To me it looks like 3187 and 3186 with a 1x4 plate and 1x4 tile on top. Note that if it were just the lattice fence piece upside-down, the lattice portion would be four-wide rather than three-wide with a cylinder occupying the fourth stud. Also, if it were just an upside-down lattice fence (3185), there would be no way for the 1x4 tiles on top to be attached.

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