Series 3 minifigs

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    1. LegoDad42 54 months ago | reply

      Samurai, Space Villain, Mummy and the Pilot look good to me.
      Be cool to have a commando team of Space Villains customized.
      The Pilot has that nice bomber looking jacket. Gives the feel of the old Adventurer sets.

    2. Trevor Van Aalst 54 months ago | reply

      There may not be barcodes anymore but over half of these look like they'll be quite easy to identify.

    3. ryffranck029 54 months ago | reply

      I'll get the samourai, elf and mummy....should be easy to identify...

    4. Castlestrike666© 54 months ago | reply

      the native's spear is a little misplaced..

    5. Xalaxian 54 months ago | reply

      these are awesome!

    6. SphericalNickel 54 months ago | reply

      Gorillas! I'll need to pick up...say...500 maybe? :P
      Otherwise, I REALLY hope the pilot doesn't have that yellow stripe (belly fat?) under his jacket. That would be-ith a fail of epic proportions.
      EDIT: Looks like a NEW bow&arrow (hate that name) for our elf friend.


    7. Castlestrike666© 54 months ago | reply

      I haven't noticed it yet :P Now I definitely need a few dozen :D

    8. ChocolateFrogs 54 months ago | reply

      What's wrong with the name "bow and arrow"?

    9. SphericalNickel 54 months ago | reply

      I just never cared for the term "bow and arrows" I mean, we don't call a revolver a "gun and bullets" or a Star Wars/Space Alien weapon a "blaster and lasers".


    10. LegoDad42 54 months ago | reply

      I never noticed it was a new piece. Thx for being sharp eyed on that.
      Normally you just say (or I just say) 'bow'. Like he 'fires or shoots his bow'. No need to say the whole thing all the time. It's an either/or. No wrong or right way to say it. But since it's two new pieces shown here, bow and arrow works.
      Maybe you can say, 'ballista'?...or archer's weapon?

    11. KH3D 54 months ago | reply

      Little disappointed personally. Will probably get one of each. Maybe seconds on a couple of complete minifigs and definitely multiples on some parts, but nothing that really screams, "Must have many!" like the Zombie and the Spartan.

      The Gorilla and Sumo really need a fat suit (like the old Gamorrean Guard minifig).

      Can't please everyone every time though, and these are some nice looking figs and some interesting new pieces.

    12. Tommyo3000 54 months ago | reply

      Are you sure they bow and arrow is a new piece? I'm sure I've seen it before

    13. LegoDad42 54 months ago | reply

      I think someone over on Eurobricks mentioned that the ends of the bow are 'curled' out differently that the previous one.
      Not sure myself but it looks a little different somehow.

    14. sithico 54 months ago | reply

      omg a samuri .....i need that armor

    15. Angeli ¥ 54 months ago | reply

      yup, it is curved a little at bouth ends, but that change is not that significant... even not so noticable, to be honest, I've havn't seen it untill you mentioned.

      There is nothing new about an elf, only print... :(
      but I would like to have one.
      and a beard from a fisherman, and skirt from hula girl (if that is plastic...)

      again, nothing that "I must have", like someone sad...

    16. Tommyo3000 54 months ago | reply

      Oh I see how it's different now Thanks. ;)

    17. Brickdon 54 months ago | reply

      I think I'm gonna get the samurai, the snowboarder, and the rapper.

    18. Chuck Morrin 54 months ago | reply

      My favorites are the rapper and the Gorilla Suit Guy

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