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Custom minifigs page, by request. There is only this page and none are credited (that I can see). Please add notes here if you know whose they are.

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  1. Bart Willen 67 months ago | reply

    I want to add notes i know most of these creators, but I am not able to add notes...

  2. hmillington 67 months ago | reply

    Not sure why that is, badboy; any ideas?

  3. Morgan190 67 months ago | reply

    Thanks for grabbing this photo, hmillington. Are there photo/image credits in the back of the book, maybe?

    Goodness! I certainly recognize a fair share of those. Although I'm flattered, it is odd that it's so lopsided. I can understand wanting to stick to items that use more official parts because it is about LEGO's own pieces, after all, but still... It's strange that other prominent customizers weren't featured as well.

  4. Bart Willen 67 months ago | reply

    Did you add me as contact?

  5. Bart Willen 67 months ago | reply

    Abraham Lincoln - Morgan190
    Senneri - Morgan190
    Red Samurai - NickGreat (on brickshelf)
    Black Samurai - NickGreat
    Aegis - Morgan190 and Fine Clonier
    Conquistador de la Muerta - Sir Nadroj
    Mark Twain - Morgan190
    Benjamin Franklin - my guess would be Sir Nadroj (not sure on this one)Nacco Chan - Morgan190
    Oberstik - my guess would be Morgan190 (not sure on this one)
    John Booker - Again Morgan190
    Kobaziku - I would also have to guess this one, and I'd guess Morgan190

    Hope this helps

  6. timeforacatnap 67 months ago | reply

    I have to admit...very conservative on Lego here...there are far better examples of custom minifigs that i can think of, not jsut these few...not that these aren't good, jsut that they are very 'safe'

  7. lLikePi 67 months ago | reply

    Wow Morgan, DK must really like all of your customs! :D

  8. Bart Willen 67 months ago | reply

    They should hire you!

  9. Sir Nadroj 67 months ago | reply

    Excellent, thanks for this picture!

  10. Bart Willen 67 months ago | reply

    Congratulations to all Morgan19, Sir Nadroj an NickGreat. But I still think LEGO should have given you guys credit for your minifigs.

  11. JasBrick 67 months ago | reply

    I just received my copy of this book and it is a great visual guide. I was hoping that some of my stuff would have made it to the final print but alas... however I must say I am pleased to see so many of my favourite customisers have made it. Morgan19 and Sir Nadroj particularly... but all deserve praise for furthering the customisers cause!

  12. Fine Clonier 67 months ago | reply

    The three unidentifed figures are mine. Just late to the party.

    Mislabelled Chinese Guy is really a famous Japanese Samurai

    US Marine

    Nevin Martell is a custom of the author of the book.

  13. TheVoidofBricks [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

    Oh yeah! When I went to Barnes and Nobles, I saw this book and this page.

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