• This was a regular fixture at our breakfast table growing up--are you British? - add_knitter
  • Is this an Ikea demi-tasse spoon? Because we use these for our soft boiled eggs, too! - add_knitter

Breakfast at 35

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  1. harold 107 months ago | reply

    happy birfday, dude.

  2. Scoutj 107 months ago | reply

    He's a keeper.

    Happy Birthday AGAIN!


  3. peephole 107 months ago | reply

    happy birthday, stephen!

  4. Leah Reich 107 months ago | reply

    happy birthday, evil twin!! xoxo

    PS - CALL ME

  5. Sonya Philip 107 months ago | reply

    Are you a "Birthday Squirrel" - lovely tulips.

  6. shilly shally 107 months ago | reply

    Oh! Happy Birthday to you!

  7. >WonderMike< 107 months ago | reply

    Joyeux Anniversaire, Mon Petit!

  8. fsquared 107 months ago | reply

    Happy birthday!

  9. DottieboBottie 107 months ago | reply

    Happy birthday, sweets!!!

  10. hizknits 107 months ago | reply

    thank you, thank you, thank you everyone!

    @knitsonya Chris loves nicknames, so, yes, I'm a squirrel
    @ mikewad and Post-Cards Merci mille fois
    @add_knitter Not British, the aforementioned Chris lived in Germany too long in the 80s, so we pretend to be Euro. We call that tool "Choppy." This is what I eat every morning, minus the card and flowers. and, yes, IKEA demitasse spoon!

  11. ohnochriso 107 months ago | reply

    Happy Birthday! I mainly eat cereal so I guess I don't quite act my age yet ;-)

  12. fom 107 months ago | reply

    we had one of those egg cutters too, just like that one only silver color. i called it the vicious circle! we had a few egg cutters. my father was canadian.

    also, happy birthday!

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