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I was at the ice cream shop where my girlfriend works today, and I stood up slowly to go take a look at the ice cream she was dishing up for me. "Is that for me?" I asked, and I heard a clatter on the floor behind me. Somehow my camera had fallen off the table right onto the lens, and so it's broken. It was a nice camera... and amazingly it is the ONLY camera I have ever broken!

I'm not buying any material things for the rest of the year, so I'll make do with the other point and shoots I have. By not buying new things I have saved quite a bit of money, not to mention getting paid $500 for one photo from Zara recently (dearamerica.zara.com/). I'm planning at the moment to save for a Leica.. but we'll see.

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  1. smarterslob 42 months ago | reply

    Was this from the same 3 week journey? Where was it?

  2. Hudson Gardner 42 months ago | reply

    Hey, yes this is also from the trip. It is i the middle of Oregon actually, central - eastern Oregon.. if you follow the road that goes by Mount Hood and just keep going you'll eventually be here. It was a highway so the road was incredibly empty. We yelled at the sage brush and no echo came back.. it's like our voices completely disappeared. The desert is a strange place...

  3. smarterslob 42 months ago | reply

    Nice! Oregon has it all; mountains, deserts, forests and beaches. One of these days I'll relocate there...

  4. william michael hess 42 months ago | reply

    sorry about your camera. nice photo though!

  5. J. Paxon Reyes 42 months ago | reply

    I got an old manual 35mm camera you can borrow if you want.

  6. Anne-Marie Arpin 42 months ago | reply

    shame for your camera. Had a look at the zara website, the selection is really well done.

  7. Hudson Gardner 42 months ago | reply

    Thanks Paxon! I have a few point and shoots that I can use if I need to take photos. I find that if I take a few months off I typically get quite a bit of motivation built up, and then I go out and shoot a really good roll, so that's probably what will happen this time.

  8. Hudson Gardner 42 months ago | reply

    Hey, I agree.. strikingly so. I almost eeked another photo in there (People like Nich Hance got around SIX photos in! That's A LOT OF MONEY!), but sadly it didn't make the final cut : (

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