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針尾鷸  Pintail Snipe | by Hiyashi Haka
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針尾鷸 Pintail Snipe

學名: Gallinago stenura

英名: Pintail Snipe

Family : Scolopacidae (鷸科). Length: 約25-27 cm.

針尾鷸長 25 公分,全身類似田鷸,屬冬候鳥,許厝港及香山濕地及宜蘭等地區均可見其蹤跡。

針尾鷸細長而直的喙,尖端彎曲且頭頂褐色。中央和兩側各有一條白色縱紋; 頸後及背部為紅棕色,並有黃棕色紋斑紋; 喉和胸部黃棕白顏色,頦,腹部等白色; 尾羽外側8對特別窄而硬,寬度不超過2毫米,是本種的主要特徵。常結成一小群,棲息於沼澤,稻田,草地,葦蒲中,嘴喙堅硬,常插於泥中攝取食物。突然飛起時併有警告之鳴叫,不容易被發現。以昆蟲及環節動物和甲殼動物為食。


1.腳偏黃. 2.尾羽26-28枚. 3. 腳趾伸出尾羽外甚多. 4. 驚嚇而飛起時會有鳴叫. 5. 尾羽超出初級飛羽長度較短.

The Pin-tailed Snipe, Gallinago stenura, also known as the Pintail Snipe, is a small stocky wader. It breeds in northern Russia and migrates to spend the non-breeding season in southern Asia from Pakistan to Indonesia. It is the most common migrant snipe in southern India, Sri Lanka and much of Southeast Asia. It is a vagrant to north-western and northern Australia, and to East Africa Kenya.

Its breeding habitat is damp marshes and tundra in Arctic and boreal Russia. Birds in their non-breeding range use a variety of wetlands, often with Common Snipe, but may be found also in drier habitats than their relative. They nest in a well-hidden location on the ground. This 25–27 cm long bird is similar to the longer-billed and longer-tailed Common Snipe. Adults have short greenish-grey legs and a long straight dark bill. The body is mottled brown on top, with cream lines down their back. They are pale underneath with a streaked buff breast and white belly. They have a dark stripe through the eye, with light stripes above and below it. Sexes are similar, and immatures differ only in minor plumage details.


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Taken on August 28, 2012