Maurice - Graveyard cat is helpin

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    Lucky's Instructions from: -
    "He had a long life, Maurice Pikar did. Started out as the Kid, like we all do, I suppose. I met him as the Killer, a long lifetime ago, but in Lucy’s story he was the Banker. From a skinny Jewish kid from a Chicago dry-cleaner’s shop to a man of wealth and taste.

    I used to needle him about his name, Maurice. Sounded like a head waiter, to me. “Maurice, I’d like a table for two by the mess tent, please. Maurice, what wine would you recommend with this meal of sauerkraut and boiled potatoes?” Like that.

    Maybe he was an evil man. I don’t know. He certainly had more of an appetite for vengeance than anyone I ever knew, and that’s a dangerous thing. But he was an old acquaintance, and if you live long enough, even old enemies seem as precious as new friends.

    So do me a favor, would you? Find a tombstone for someone named Maurice. Use leaves, flowers or other small objects to spell his first name on the grave, and leave it as an offering. Then show me."

    My responce:
    As you may or may not recall, we made a friend at Harbor Lawn.

    He was a very rambunctious little fellow and was obsessed with the offering I was trying to leave for Maurice here.

    I would spell it out with leaves, he would rush forward just as I finish and mess it all up with his tail, or his nose, or he would flop down ontop of it.

    JSailor and Shadow did their best to distract him but he was having none of their foolishness.

    So I named the cat "Maurice".

    Enjoy the picture.

    1. CoffeeJedi 115 months ago | reply

      did you take him with you?

    2. HitsHerMark 115 months ago | reply

      I really wanted to, JSailor almost did. But we both already have cats (though he has more then I.)

      He wasn't plump, but he was healthy. If he had been more skinny then he was I very well may have.

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