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    Berlin, Leica M4 50mm Summicron

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    1. SPR_SMMLX 92 months ago | reply

      I love the warm colors & tones here. Since you use transparency film on an M4, how do you check the light value? Carry a handheld meter?

    2. Kommie P. 92 months ago | reply

      I don't understand, what does it matter if it's transparency on M4 or not? Just expose for highlights instead for shadow and that's it, no?

    3. SPR_SMMLX 92 months ago | reply

      Transparency films are less forgiving than color negs, in means of exposure tolerances. So if you mess up the shot, say minus 1-stop, the image likely will be blacked out. For me, keeping up good exposure with a camera which has no built-in meter is not easy.
      Shooting with M6 or M7 is much easier for me than using an M4 or earlier Leicas, that's why I asked.

    4. Kommie P. 92 months ago | reply

      Yes, that's all true what you say about slides, I had a not-so-successful experience with Velvia recently, despite all the incident and spot light metering and zone systems and suchlike, which I thought I was not-so-bad-at (proved wrong!). From my experience 4 stops is the absolute max working contrast for Velvia if it's to be scanned with a consumer scanner I have, where shadows degrade very quickly into complete black.

    5. historicist 92 months ago | reply

      ~super_summilux, thank you for your nice comment.

      For this picture, I used print film, without a handheld meter. With print film I usually guess the exposure. I started doing this when i got a plain prism Nikon F about 3 years ago and although I initially made a lot of mistakes (and still do) I found that photography became much more pleasurable and interesting. I also prefer the look and feel of old cameras, which often didn't have light meters built in.

      I got a hand held meter maybe about a year ago and use it a lot with slide film, almost always reading incident light. Generally the exposures are fine, though it is slower than working with a built in light meter.

      I think generally my approach is to have fun taking the picture, and if I get a good photo out of it, it's a nice bonus.

    6. SPR_SMMLX 92 months ago | reply

      Oh, you've got a LOT of bonuses here.
      Beautiful shot anyway, congrats!

      I'm now going out to get some color negs now.
      Going to try a "meterless life" next week.... ;-)

    7. Jean-François Noville [deleted] 92 months ago | reply

      This is a great shot, really !…and yummy !

    8. historicist 92 months ago | reply

      ~thankyou. The coffee is very good at this cafe :D

    9. Inoka Chui . 91 months ago | reply

      I like your photossss ! =DDD
      Thanks for adding me as a contact !

    10. historicist 91 months ago | reply

      ~thankyou Inoka, your pictures are really great too - they have a lovely relaxed feel :D

    11. ♥stAr♥ 91 months ago | reply

      lovely tone :D ☆

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