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It's been nearly 36 hours since an eye surgery, it seems that my eysight is slightly better than the worst, but just a sense of light.


It may be a bit harsh on my eye but I did receive so many comments in past photos, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for encouragement. I Did checked all messages since my computer reads out for me. if it's written in English.


Here are something that I never revealed to public, but I am just putting my words to explain what my problem is. It was surprising there are more people with curiosity...


- My problems and diagnoses

Un the past, I had bilateral pneumonia and later diagnosed as DCM but since the cause is unknown, it's idiopathic. So, I have a base symptom of Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Since then, hospital has became my second home.

Over years, I am suffered from septicaemia and caused skin problem early this year. AFter that, it came to my eye... ischemic retinitis that has caused glaucoma.

The left eye is gone as vein has clogged but I still hold my right eye because only vein is nearly clogged... so I may lose vision at any time.


Since they are totally incurable at the current medical technology, I am basically waiting for death sooner or later.

I always have an option to put an end to my life but I chose to be inprisined and hoping a miracle happens.

I am receiving medication, laser treatment almost every day, and fiuhring out what I will do when I lose my vision completely.


Does this explain why I eagarly travelled around in last few years? The end is near.

Oh, my theme song would be "My Way" I think.


- The length of stay in hospital?

At least for January when the swollen retina has gone down. There might be an another surgery can be done to regain my sight but success rate is not high, so I will need to consider whether I will take a chance or not.

I also receive treatment for DM along DCM.


- How good or bad is my eyesight?

I cam;t read magazines and newspaper. I can't read screen on mobile phone so making a phone call is very difficult. Checking SMS and email on phone is impossible.


Fortunately, I have purchased a 13 inch MacBook Pro, and I am able to navigate with MacOSX

s built-in VoiceOver that reads out all menues and texts on display.

Witin compatible applications, it reads everything in text box, too!

The other nifty feature that has been very helpful is zoomin feature with Command-Control-[= or -] and pinch-in on trackpad for zooming.

Since mail software is not compatible with the action, i cannot check email messages but flickrmail. FaceBook is not compatible with them so I also stopped using it, as well.


I played with Windows' Accesibility control panel but since there is no global zoom-in feature like MacOSX. I am not able to use Windows XP and Windows 7 PCs that I own.

(What should I do with Vaio P?)


- Why flickr?

VoiceOver and zooming functions are fully effective throughout flickr website. It opens the textbox for me, reads out comments and when I get the text input area, I just do "blind touch" to enter text with keyboard. I can make VoiceOver to read out what chraters I enter or read out word by word. I still make mistakes and that's because of my poor English.

Also. I should mention that oinch-in action works with pictures so I can magnify photos on flickr!

(Changing font size does not magnify photos or layouts but flickr website retains the layout but I still can zoom in with finger actions!


Coming up next: Why I shoot and how I shoot with impaired vision

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Taken on December 28, 2009