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So I don't have a job, and I figured I may as well try and put a really big amount effort into something that I can treasure forever, and that I can hold and be reminded of even the smallest amount of achievement in a tough time.


I'm really not an artist. Before BJDs I didn't draw much or paint at all... or sculpt. I guess I've always had a perfectionists eye though, and when I do something I like to do it 100% as best as I can do it. About 80% of practical application is in my head. If I see something being done, I can do it pretty well. So long as it's not dancing.


I thought I'd share these pics because to hell with that crazy perfectionist eyeball, and yay to my other eye - the lover of all things even remotely cute and pretty!


I'm really happy with how this girl is turning out. I've named her 'Koa' which is the name I am also saving for a daughter if I ever have one. She's just a face atm, still needs a head, and a body. She'll be 40-50cm tall, and eventually cast in resin, and porcelain when I can get the know-how. I dunno if I'll sell her, depends how it goes XD At the very least I doubt I'll sell a porcelain version. That one is for me :P


I learned to draw from Lilo and Stich, and Atlantis - my two very favourite Disney movies (of all time I mean, momentarily it changes lol) and I've carried an odd style between the two lol. She looks a bit like a Koa, I didn't sculpt the bits intending to name her that, but now I've picked it, it fits.


Anyway, nowhere near finished!! I've already begun to work on the symmetry issues and her face isn't filled out at all LOL. Nowhere x.x This is a few hours work, I still need to do blueprints for her body and work out what clay I'll use. This is cheap, crappy dollar store paperclay.


ANYWAY. BED TIME. Hope you like her! ;0;

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Taken on July 9, 2012