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"Martinzinho goes to Portugal" Day 1, Porto beach Stranded Day 1, Porto beach Day 1, "Portogulls" Day 1, Praia de Miramar Vintage Darksome Gothica Day 2, Porto - Sé do Porto Day 2, Gothic Day 2, Porto - Lello Bookshop Day 2, Porto - Crumbed house Day 2,  Haunted Mansion I Day 2, Haunted Mansion II Day 2, Portorama Day 2, Porto - Classical Facade Day 2, Porto -  Beautiful Chaos Day 3, Lindoso - "Rohan Graves" Day 3, Very hot

"Martinzinho goes to Portugal"

Laid-back lifestyle, wonderful landscapes, and so much more...

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Rosário Marques says:

Beautiful images of Portugal !
Love this set!
Posted 86 months ago. ( permalink )

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