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vegan - Match brand meatloaf with peas and corn and mashed potatoes | by mikehipp
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vegan - Match brand meatloaf with peas and corn and mashed potatoes

This was our Thanksgiving meal. It's my meat loaf with match brand meat, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn and peas. Recipe for the meatloaf. This recipe will make at lest 2 1.5 lb meat loafs. What I do is buy those throw away mini loaf pans and make several mini meat loafs.... to serve as dinner another night.


Satuee up a large onion and a large bell pepper until soft. Add garlic and let cook on low hear a little longer. To a food processor add half a brick of tofu. Add the onion/pepper mixture, sautee oil and all to the tofu. Salt and pepper in with the tofu and I use a store bought "meat loaf" seasoning package as well. Blend all of the oil/sauteed veggeies and seasonings into the tofu. Add some liquid smoke here if you want, I add some Kroger brand whocester (can't spell it.... Kroger brand because it's vegan).... sauce. Blend all together well and transfer to a large mixing bowl. Add 1lb of Match brand ground beef and Match brand ground pork to the tofu mixture and break everything up before using a mixer to blend the Match meat and tofu together. Add copious amounts of seasoned bread crumbs..... what you want is a texture so it's going to take probably half a cup to give you a ...up..... raw meatloaf texture! Raw meatloaf texture is similar to a biscuit texture or a medium texture cookie dough (say a sugar cookie). Put this now finished meatloaf mixture in your loaf pans and top with a mixture of barbque sauce, ketchup and brown sugar salt and pepper that you have mixed all together. The quantities aren't important... maybe 5 to 3 to 2 barbque, ketchup, brown sugar ratio. I always add some mustard to mine as well because I love the sweet sour taste.


The gravy is a store bought gravy starter with a simple roux and water gravy base. Very very yummy... I add a bit of dried onion when I make it.


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Taken on February 24, 2009