The Doll House, Mouille Point, Cape Town

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    The legendary drive-in restaurant/roadhouse, opposite the Green Point lighthouse.

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    1. DickyW 68 months ago | reply

      Do you think they are seagulls around the base of the cars ?

    2. HiltonT 68 months ago | reply

      They certainly are. As we look, the sea is 100 metres to the right.

    3. DickyW 55 months ago | reply

      Lotsa guls !!

    4. stoatsnest 48 months ago | reply

      I used to go there with my mother in the fifties. I remember the toasted cheese sandwiches. It was a real treat.

    5. DickyW 48 months ago | reply

      Called "Cheese toast", I still call it that now and people think it's odd )

    6. Helen St George 47 months ago | reply

      My grandfather Daniel Wanberg, was one of the 3 Americans who opened up the Doll House Chain in 1932 - he brought the very first hamburger to South Africa, he was also offered the franchise for Coca-Cola, but he did not think it would sell!!! When he died my grandmother took it over. In 1954 my father, Kelvin St. George worked for the DH and took over the Cape Town branch in 1960 - 1982 when it was sold and then demolished. My mother (daughter of Daniel and Teddie Wanberg) would cook about 8 turkeys for Xmas day - 7 for the DH and one for us - she used to make the scones for the DH and my early childhood memories are of the wonderful smell of scones cooking - she then taught 'Felix' (an incredibly special man) to make them too which helped her enormously! He was also in charge of making the DH icecream - mmmm! The best toasted steak, onion and tomatoe I have ever had! My Mum's sister, Billie Laxen and her husband Peter, ran the Doll House in Johannesburg. I managed the DH for 4 years from 1976 until 1980 (day shift). What a wonderful childhood it was being 'the Boss's daughter' and being able to take all my friends there - such a treat! Such happy memories - so, I toast my family - and the Doll House! Thank you to everyone who has memories of it like I do!

    7. HiltonT 47 months ago | reply

      Many thanks for the information which is of immense historical interest.
      I have another upload which is a cutting from a 1982 edition of the Weekend Argus which can be viewed here:

      So many of us who grew up in Cape Town in the 1960s remember the Doll House with fond affection. Do you have any photos that I might add to this site?

    8. HiltonT 47 months ago | reply

      What stands there now:

    9. Bobby Graham Publishers 45 months ago | reply

      I found Helen St George's piece very interesting; I never knew anything about the owners of the Doll House, but the food and atmosphere of this very special meeting place resonates with me as I'm sure it does with so many other Capetonians. Thank you Helen for sharing this with us.

    10. daniellebeder 33 months ago | reply

      I still go to the one on Louis Botha Ave in Johannesburg. It has the original / same signage. It is very much a part of my heritage and youth and will continue to be a part of my life. Used the picture for a lifestory I am creating on my grandmother. She needed food for a hangover, so my grandfather took her to the Mouille Point one. haha.

    11. Tava27 25 months ago | reply

      My grandfather William Stidwell worked at the Dolls House. I cannot remember the exact dates. We lived in the house next to the dolls house and we left in approximately 1975.

    12. louis crole 20 months ago | reply

      I worked at the Doll House for a few weeks in 1967 before joining my first ship. The S.A. Seafarer was still in tact on the rocks and loads of tourist came by bus to take photos.

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