• Little pocket for paper money
  • Lid of purse which flicks open wide to display your money....
  • Ha ha! I'm rich!

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This is my purse. It's a man's purse, and it is brilliantly designed. Instead of you having to squash your hand down into the purse and scrabble around for change, you flip all your money out into the lid of the purse (as above), and there it is - all laid out perfectly for you to see. It also has a little pocket for paper money.


Two texture layers from les brumes, used with many thanks.

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  1. AbueMeche 50 months ago | reply

    Excellent picture...we, the women are so complicated, you are right!

  2. AbueMeche 50 months ago | reply

    Excellent picture, we, women, are so complicated, you are right!

  3. Duck Parade Comics 50 months ago | reply

    I've never seen a purse like this. It looks quite handy, and is probably better than walking around with a pocket full of loose change. I presume the background contains a moral epistle on the value of thrift.

  4. The hills are alive* 50 months ago | reply

    I've said no elsewhere Rodders but now I feel mean. Help yourself to the tenner above.
    Thanks Haim - I so agree.
    I wanted one for years Victorie, but never saw them for sale. Then a customer came into Waitrose and she was using one AND she knew the name of this type of purse, so I was able to do a search online for one, and buy it on the internet.
    Yes, this is wonderfully practical.
    I love using things that are well designed :^)
    With you I am feeling guilty, as you now have a bobbly felt container that may well be used as a purse! It is big though, not one of those weeny jobs where you can't see at all what is going on...and it was too jolly to resist.
    This is so easy to use Mercedes - really good.
    This is such a good design Bob....and I get huge pleasure from using stuff that is well designed. Lecture on thrift!!!! Would I ever be so presumptuous?

  5. Libby Hall Dog Photo 50 months ago | reply

    Just the sort of purse that I use; and that my father used. I don't understand why anyone ever uses any other sort. Yours looks more up-market than mine. Mine all come from market stalls. (Lovely colour and texture. Clever to make a purse of money look so 'arty')

  6. aquellos_años_locos 50 months ago | reply

    I love this one...
    Come by my flickr and comment!

  7. (*◡*) [deleted] 50 months ago | reply

    Cute and very useful ! looks like a handmade stuff ...

  8. otchipotchi 50 months ago | reply

    love those purses ... I had one many years ago!
    shiiii ... it has been a long while since I saw British money :)

  9. Kat... 50 months ago | reply

    I had a purse like this one when a was a child !
    The background texture is really nice...

  10. The hills are alive* 50 months ago | reply

    So glad you have one too Libby! I think their scarcity may be due to the fact they are so hard to track down - certainly there aren't any sold round here. I eventually got this on the internet. I love the way it works so well...
    Thank you!
    It is certainly highly crafted Juliana - and probably largely made by hand.
    I see far too little British money too Paula, not nearly as much as I'd like to see! ;^)))
    Thank you Catherine, and a very happy Sunday to you!

  11. The Pack 50 months ago | reply

    How very functional :-)

  12. Room With A View 50 months ago | reply

    Oh, wonderful yummy range of colors from the soft olive wordy background to the to the metallic shades of the coins. Great design! Every now and then I harvest the coins from the bottom of my bag.

  13. Methanie 50 months ago | reply

    Oh, that is a great design! And an excellent photo too - the tones are perfect.

  14. monicaflick 50 months ago | reply

    very pleasing design indeed... of purse, coins & note, and of this lovely photograph...

  15. mel-pin 50 months ago | reply

    I like your purse.
    Is the Queen always smiling?

  16. prima seadiva 50 months ago | reply

    Brilliant design! I'd be all over it if I came across one.And a lovely shot-another example of design.

  17. The hills are alive* 50 months ago | reply

    Wonderfully so!
    Ha ha ha! I love the idea of the coin harvest! I think the phrase ought to enter the Oxford English Dictionary. Just perfect :^))))
    thank you pal!
    Thank you Monica!
    She is always smiling. She waves a lot too.
    You'd love this purse Patricia - I just know you would!

  18. Désuète 50 months ago | reply

    You have a very cute purse!

  19. Westcoast Weezie 50 months ago | reply

    I'm impressed that you've made such a gorgeous, artistic photo about money. :-) I love the browns.

  20. Mikey Canada 23 months ago | reply

    I Love money
    your funny currency drives me Bonkers!!!
    two pence?????

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