Dinosaur Bone Jewelry
Photos of dinosaur bone jewelry by Mark Hileman including dinosaur bone rings, pendants and wedding ring sets. The dinosaur bone we use in our jewelry is usually referred to as “gembone”. It is actually not bone but is a combination of minerals that replaced the dinosaur bone over time. Dinosaur bone is found in a rainbow of colors with the webbing color and cell size varying greatly from piece to piece. The varying cell size and colors create some truly unique patterns and virtually one of a kind pieces of dinosaur bone jewelry. The fossilized dinosaur bone can be composed of many different minerals including agate, jasper and calcite. The dinosaur bone color is determined by the combination of minerals present when the fossilized bone formed. Some colors are more rare than others with multicolor cells in a nice pattern being the most sought after. High quality dinosaur bone has a hardness of 6-7 on the Moh’s scale.
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