Stockholm Open Swing Dance Contest 2013
Stockholm Open Swing Dance Contest 2013 was held at Chicago on Easter Day, at the end of a cold but sunny last of March.

I could almost do copy-paste of the text from last year:

Also this year, the main part was Jack’n Jill. It consisted of a selection round, from which six leads and six follows were chosen by the judges to continue to the finals. In the final the winning couple was selected based on the noise generated by the audience, as heard by the judges.

The solo jazz/charleston only saw three individuals, and the couples competitions had three competing couples.

I had the very same "horrible from-below but better than the standing alternatives"-position, sitting on the floor. Unfortunately there were many couples that didn't take the chance to change their spot on the floor, so there were some that were never within camera range.

Finally some band member photos, and a few social dancing pics.

All taken with my (newly fixed, yay!) Sigma 50 mm-lens.
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