Kirking of the Council 2014
The annual Kirking of the Council was held in Inverness on Sunday 14 September 2014.

Provost of Inverness Councillor Alex Graham said: "It was a perfect Kirking Day with great weather and a tremendous parade. There was an excellent service by Rev Peter Nimmo in the Old High with a big attendance. It was particularly encouraging to see a good turnout of schools and youth organisations, as well as many local residents and visitors to the City attending the service."

At the Kirking Service Provost Graham said: “It is a great privilege for Inverness councillors to be here once again today for the Kirking of the Council, continuing a tradition that dates back over four hundred years.

“Tradition is a good thing. We live in a society, which has experienced rapid change for a long time, to a degree unknown within living memory. The pace of change shows no signs of reducing.

“I have been to perhaps 19 or 20 Kirkings, most of those held during the two periods when I have been a councillor. An old diary of mine shows it was held in this church on Sunday 10th May 1981 when the late Ian MacIntosh was the Minister of the Old High.

“This Kirking has changed. Then it was May, now it’s September. Then a simple procession of councillors and officials, perhaps 30 in total attracting modest interest. Now although the number of councillors is about the same, the procession is much larger and it is a significant public event.

“Other changes include the Kirking now being actively publicised, having an ecumenical element, the presence of youth groups and schools, and the inter-faith representation.

“So in the short period of 33 years there have been major changes. But the core purpose has been maintained – councillors meeting with and listening to the faith community – is the same as it has always been. In my view it is still to be of value both to the elected representatives and to the community.

“Mister Nimmo, on behalf of the City of Inverness and The Highland Council, I wish to thank you and the congregation of Old High St Stephens for inviting us again to your church. The Kirking is important to us. We very much value your invitation, and look forward to today’s service and to continuing this tradition in the years ahead.”

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