...and I can't stand the rain (even tho i'm inside)

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    Daisy the weirdo decides that it's going to rain indoors and takes shelter under my mum's brolly (photo taken by roy)

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    1. lykkelige mutant  [deleted] ages ago | reply

      cats just love being under things, such as tables, chairs and so on... i also fine if there is one scrap of paper on the floor, not matter how small, they always must sit on it, like they are getting some sort of height advantage...

    2. highglosshighs ages ago | reply

      yes! my cats love to sit on any kind of foreign object on the floor, no matter how small or flat. personally, i think they're being evil and trying to hide them from us ;)

    3. lykkelige mutant  [deleted] ages ago | reply

      ever notice if you are reading a newspaper, they just HAVE to sit on what you are reading... not good for white cats picking up the ink... ;)

    4. highglosshighs ages ago | reply

      hahah yes! ours do that too. one of my cats (the one in the photo) also favours finding a pile of newspapers/letters/other important documents, sitting on top of it, and then shredding the corners. She also likes to rub herself into a frenzy on the side of all my mum's LPs, and lick photographs, so maybe it could be said that she's a little strange...

    5. lykkelige mutant  [deleted] ages ago | reply

      mine, when she wants my attention, will lick plastic bags... drives me nuts! as soon as i move towards her to get the bag away, she runs off into the kitchen and waits by her bowl (usually full of dry food, but she wants fresh), i then do a pretend pour, and then she is happy

    6. happy_emmy ages ago | reply

      It's very lovely!!!

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