Shelf Theme for The Theme Foundry
Drew Strojny from The Theme Foundry recently asked me if I’d like to create a new WordPress theme for him. The offer-I-couldn’t-refuse was complete creative freedom, and the opportunity to make the design process visible.

My original idea for a theme based on naval exploration in the 18th century was too esoteric, limiting the potential audience somewhat.

This led to 'Shelf', a modern theme of a horizontally scrolling site, with different 'content cards' on a shelf. Here I'm documenting the process from initial sketch and try-outs in CSS to the final design.

I'm working with Yan Sarazin of Statik Pulse, who is implementing the javascript side.

Read more here:

Design by Hicksdesign:

Javascript by Statik Pulse:

Commisioned by The Theme Foundry:
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