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Inspired by Jeremy Koempels recent TXP admin fiddlings, and the fact that I'm setting up another Textpattern based site for a client. I love the clean TXP admin look, but the tabs have never been my taste, and I like to customise it per client.


I did try and make it a CSS only theme, but there were a couple of things I couldn't accomplish with the css skin alone. So, seeing as I had to fiddle with the php files, I added the link to the site bascampy stylee, and removed the 'view site' tab (which never made sense to me, as you don't view the site in an admin tab). This pulls in your settings for Site Name and Site URL.


The layout is also fluid now. Which you may hate! It breaks on resize too.


Sadly, if you use the hpw_admincss to apply the custom css, for some reason, it doesn't theme the plugins tab. It does if you add the css to the textpattern.css file though.


So, here are the files if you want to download it. Feel free to alter, improve, grill, fry etc.


(Requires TXP 4.05)




  • PRO 8y

    FYI: The new version r2697 and up break the admin interface a little. It's not a big deal, but I was wondering if anyone has a quick fix for this?
  • Jamie Knight 8y


    I like john, yet another nice personal project from you... how do you find the time for clients!


    Jamie & Lion
  • 6809627613 Deleted 8y

    *Sigh*....My reply (above) was four months ago, and I still haven't done anything more on my 'tiger-like' Admin theme...(suppose I better get on with it! Even though I know it won't be anything as good as this one - even when it's completed! hehe).
  • qrayg 7y

    Adding this line to the CSS will make everything better in 4.0.6

    td.tabup a,td.tabdown a,td.tabup2 a,td.tabdown2 a { width: auto !important; }
  • Stuart Charlton 7y

    stupendous work, thank you :)

    I had a lil problem with bloated secondary tabs in 4.06 - this seemed to hack it into line.

    #nav-secondary a{
    line-height: 30px;
    padding: 0 4px;

    and the whole menu seemed a bit easterly to me, so I knocked this down to zero.

    td.tabs table {
    left: 0%;
  • Stuart Charlton 7y

    bit hasty there... the
    td.tabs table { left: 0%;}
    makes Firefox happy, but Safari preferred the original 10%
  • akiramorita 7y

    great looking admin - i had just installed textpattern for the first time, and implementing this admin theme made me so much more comfortable with the new platform...
  • Robert Scriva PRO 7y

    Awesome. Did you blog about this, or is this another place I have to keep an eye on for Jon Hicks txp wisdom? :)
  • Jon Hicks 7y

    I kinda like low key, so often will publish stuff here!
  • blue&grey 7y

    My sitename no longer shows in the top left. Just installed this theme on a 4.0.6 site.
  • Cameron. 7y

    blue & grey: Modify line 168 in txplib_head references to siteurl & sitename:

    > echo (siteurl)
    > echo htmlspecialchars($sitename)
  • Dukal 7y

    Hello Jon, there's a new Plugin by Aeron Glemann that takes the Admin Skining a step forward 'cause you don't need to touch any default file (well, just a line in the index.php if you want perfection):
    Taking Aeron's fantastic work and inspired by your Admin Facelift I've created a new one, using this great plugin:
    Textpattern Aro MyAdmin Mod
    It need some fixes but works without troubles in Firefox.
  • Predrag Drljača 7y

    thnx for the hard work, Jon. Will check it out ASAP ;)
  • Silvia Weinzettelová 7y

    wooow stunning!
  • Robhert Pimentel 7y

    I've tried out and it is pretty. I have found one trouble.... scroll-x (horizontal) nav. To solve this problem, add this on admin.css style

    #event_css, #event_article, #event_postmaster, #event_admin, #event_page{overflow-y: scroll; overflow-x: hidden;}


    Spanish speaker... sorry for my bad English.
  • Robhert Pimentel 7y


    body {overflow-y: scroll; overflow-x: hidden;}

    it's better.... :D
  • bici 6y

    would like to use it on the latest version of TxP: 4.0.8 Will this lovely EEish Admin Theme work out of the box? Where may i get the latest version? many thanks for this Mr. Hicks!
  • JE Vasshaug 6y

    Any chance of a v4.2.0 version of this? ;)
  • Chris Schmitz 6y

    A 4.2 version would be great!
  • cainmi 5y

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