Crash Report for "Adobe Fireworks CS4"

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    Just getting a bit fed up writing so many crash reports. I've got work to do, I don't have time for this.

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    1. mezzoblue 75 months ago | reply

      And it ain't just Fireworks. I get the same crash report window every time I close Photoshop and Illustrator CS4. I got them on Leopard, and now I get them on Snow Leopard too.

      Heck of a job, Adobe.

    2. jdowdell 75 months ago | reply

      I got here through Hacker News, which got here through Merlin Mann's long op/ed.... ;-)

      Sarthak's on the Fireworks team, in case it wasn't clear... you've got a direct route.

      But some of the normal techsupport diagnostics don't seem to have yet been applied:
      1) Make sure you're using the current version... updaters do address reported issues.
      2) If only one 16x16px file fails, that indicates a different root cause than if all 16x16px files fail on that system... the "some or all content?" test can help reveal the core problem.
      3) Snow Leopard adds additional complexities... it's not the same as the operating system the software was tested against.

      Sorry if missed this core info in any of the above screenfuls of text, but they help you get resolution more directly.


    3. Jon Hicks 75 months ago | reply

      @jdowdell -
      1. Yes
      2. At this stage, everything crashes it. Opening, saving, exporting, enlarging, reducing…It's hard to pinpoint causes.
      3. I realise that, although it was pretty bad before Snow Leopard.

      @sarthak - thanks, I'll look for that with the next crash.

    4. nicklo.ingredients 75 months ago | reply


      Same thing here; crashes most every time I quit the application, though I count the frequency more by the variety of bug reports I make. Is it a witty report day today? A frustrated report day? A blank report day? A combo of those day?

      But hey, wouldn't we all just miss the little spark of excitement when Adobe updater tells us there is a Fireworks update available?! Oh, oh, is this the one? Please let this be the one! How sad is it that all we're really hoping for is the version that simply doesn't crash!


      Your post brought me here and was so fantastically spot on. Fireworks really is at the top of my "groan pile". I dread working in our accounting application less than Fireworks!

      @Adobe (even though I also "hate bagging on software developers")

      For me Jon Hicks making comments like this really is like having one of your star players speaking out against the team. I was so impressed, to the point of being almost puzzled, that Jon developed the Firefox icon using Fireworks and it really was a fantastic ad for the product. Sadly I, like it seems, do so many others, now spend way too much time trying any alternative that comes along.

      (And don't get me started on the clenched agony I had to go through via Adobe support to get an older version of Photoshop upgraded.)

    5. atomic_five 75 months ago | reply

      I dont think there are as many people working on the mac side of these apps as you'd like, and that they are all ports from windows at this point. thats why it all goes so poorly.

    6. atomic_five 75 months ago | reply

      Also, I didn't notice our icon pairing until now. We're needed, Steed!

    7. finistere 75 months ago | reply

      No further comment needed. I feel with you. :-(

    8. charlesroper 75 months ago | reply

      Ever since being turned into a suite, the Adobe apps seem to have gone downhill in terms of solid, reliable quality. Fireworks in particular feels like it is creaking and groaning atop a seriously wobbly architechture that *feels* like it hasn't changed much since version 1. It *feels* like an old app that has been contunually retrofitted with new features with each version and as such it has become seriously unreliable. Not sure if it really is an old architechture, but that's what it feels like. I have visions of the developers, poor souls, battling with an ever aging, ever growing pot of spaghetti code.

      It also feels rushed. Rushed to co-incide with the release of the suite, instead of worked on until it is ready. I'd love to see the Adobe apps move away from a suite model where all new versions need to be released together, which forces meeting deadlines rather than meeting customer need.

      Who buys shrinkwrap these days anyway?

      I'd rather buy individual upgrades when I need them. It might not make Adobe so much cash in the short-term, but it might just win back some of the goodwill that is rapidly whirling down the plughole.

      I stopped using Fireworks at CS4 and now use Photoshop instead.

      Incidentally, I have CS1 on my PC at work and it is so fast, so stable. It's a joy.

    9. Bryan Thatcher 75 months ago | reply

      all my Adobe apps report a crash after closing, not as bad as when they give up mid task (often) but still annoying none-the-less

    10. matthijs rouw 75 months ago | reply

      Windows version 'out of memory errors' on me also :( .. I am pretty sure I have enough memory in my system .. If the app cannot handle many pages, don't implement them as such ..

    11. metabomber 75 months ago | reply

      Absolutely. I get about three beachball-to-deaths a day now. 1+ on Photoshop, 1+ on Illustrator, and sometimes an extra special guest appearance by Fireworks.

    12. petethorne 75 months ago | reply

      For a low budget solution why not try Pixelmator (Mac only) for a App engineered by two guys in the UK it offers a surprisingly broad range of features.

      And it looks pretty...

    13. Sarthak Singhal 75 months ago | reply

      @Jon Hicks
      It would help us at Fireworks team if you could send me the crash report logs as everything crashing at your end is quite surprising. We will engage with you further once we have the crash logs. You can contact me at

    14. fillyouin 75 months ago | reply

      Hey - i even had my crash report tool crash today! Well done!

    15. simonmeek 75 months ago | reply

      It seems to me that Adobe is just starting to lose its way. We're seeing less stability, higher prices (esp. outside the US) and just a little of that undefinable "not getting it quite right-ness". More here:

      @mrthorne: Yes, Pixelmator ( It's only a few steps away from being somethng that I'd use in preference to PS. Lovely!

      Simon Meek

    16. markbingley 69 months ago | reply

      Happens to me everyday.

      You would think somebody would have noticed all the "crash reports" by now, and thought.... perhaps..... that their customers are getting ever so slightly bored with the situation.

      I guess not.

    17. lukeBme 55 months ago | reply

      Well...Nothing has changed. It's still crashing...and crashing...and crashing some more :/
      Ahhhhhh. So frustrated!

    18. markbingley 55 months ago | reply

      Luke..... Are you sure you have done the upgrade? Since I installed that, the crashes have stopped.

    19. Nobbby 52 months ago | reply

      From a Fireworks CS4 user now with a PC i3 intel chip and plenty of ram, the programme still continues to crash for only 3-4 times a week now, instead of 6 times a day on an older PC. Like you I am fed up with that Megolith Adobe who seem to ignore any support other than for their latest shiny new software. If it was a physical product like a washing machine they would not be able to get away with it, they would have been forced to do a "product recall" on 1000s of customer products

    20. lukeBme 52 months ago | reply

      Mark Bingley Oh yes, I have the latest upgrade and it still crashes :/
      It's a bummer because Fireworks is my favorite and most used program.

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