LCpl Nick Thom
Marine Lance Corporal Nicholas Thom was left a bi-lateral amputee with multiple upper-extremity injuries, and missing three fingers when an IED exploded at his feet in the Musa Qala District of Afghanistan on April 4, 2010. While on a four-day counter-insurgency mission near the Green Zone, a suspicious item was identified near his position. Upon investigating, LCpl Thom noticed wires hanging out of a can which was then detonated remotely, severely injuring LCpl Thom. An enemy ambush erupted as the Marines raced to Nick’s position. Carried out of the line of fire, Doctors on scene fought to save his life and close his wounds as he was prepared for a helicopter evacuation which was delayed due to the battle that was raging. LCpl Thom blacked out during the 30 minute wait for the MEDEVAC and was transported to Bagram Air Force Base where he was stabilized for three days before being airlifted to Landstuhl, Germany. Eventually returning state-side to Walter Reed Army Medical Center, LCpl Thom continues receiving treatment and therapies there at this time.
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