SPC Luis Puertas
Army SPC Luis Puertas was left a double amputee after an EFP explosion in Baghdad, Iraq, on September 20, 2006. SPC Puertas was the driver of the lead HUMVEE on a daily patrol near Sadar City when an unseen EFP, planted at the base of a light pole launched into the vehicle, amputating both of his legs on impact, leaving him trapped beneath the 400 pound up-armored door of the HUMVEE.

Miraculously, his team was able to extricate him from the wreckage, and prepare him for medevac from the scene. Airlifted to a local hospital and then to Landstuhl, Germany before finally arriving at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, SPC Puertas spent 14 months enduring surgeries and rehabilitation.

SPC Puertas is enrolled in college, working on an associate’s degree that he hopes to eventually use in the field of prosthetics. He is looking forward to living in an accessible home where he can use his wheelchair in all areas, including the bathroom. He would like to thank those who give of themselves to assist the wounded troops returning from the war, he knows first-hand the difference it can make in their lives.
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