SPC Robert J. Kislow III
Marine Corporal Larry Draughn was on his second deployment in May 2009 when an IED blast in Helmand Province, Afghanistan caused the traumatic amputations of both of his legs as well as the amputations of two fingers on his right hand. At 4:00AM on Mothers’ Day, only three weeks into his second deployment, Cpl Larry Draughn was on a routine foot patrol of the areas around his Company’s base camp when an IED exploded under his feet. While cautiously stepping into the footprints of the forward team to ensure there were no bombs in the area, his weight transferred from one footprint to the next, detonating an IED that was buried underneath the barren poppy field he was patrolling. Thrown through the air by the force of the blast, life-saving measures were administered as tourniquets were applied to both of his legs. Hand-carried by stretcher for more than half an hour to a medevac vehicle, Cpl Draughn was transferred to a waiting Blackhawk helicopter that flew him to Bagram. It was there, over the next few days, that he learned of his amputations and his journey home began. Airlifted to Landstuhl, Germany, Cpl Draughn was next sent to Bethesda Naval Hospital before arriving at Walter Reed Army Medical Center where he continues to receive daily therapy sessions at this time.
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