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Carrie Bell (and big announcement!)

This bell was on display at the Wheaton Arts Glass Museum, in Millville, NJ. I took a picture of it, with two other bells (one on each side). I never saw the name "Carrie" on there until I brought it home, brought it up on the computer, and showed it to my sister. She said, "Does that say Carrie?" I said, "Nooo. I don't think so." I took a closer look and SURE ENOUGH! There was my name! LOL So, I went back to the museum and took a closer shot of it. This is the Carrie Bell! :D


In other news, MY WEBSITE IS DONE!!!!! And I want you all to go look at it! Now, here's the thing: I have a few flickr contacts who have DARED to post links to their own websites under their pictures, and have BEEN BANNED for doing so!!!! Which I don't understand because flickr gives you a place to post your website on your profile page. So, what's the big deal if you post it under your picture??? Things like this really annoy me.'s the deal. I would very much like you all to see the fruits of my labor. But I don't wish to be banned. So, if you would be so kind, please visit my profile page, (which has been completely updated, by the way), and click on the link for my new website. Here's a hint: it's all one word, Carrie Hittel Photography dot cee oh em. (Now if I suddenly disappear, you'll know why!) It's still a work in progress, but definitely presentable for public consumption. I've worked hard on it! Nothing is for sale at this point (I have a lot more work to do before I can use it for that purpose, but someday, hopefully that's what will happen). Right now, the site is just being used to showcase my work.


You can visit, you can comment, you can sign my guestbook, and MOST IMPORTANTLY YOU CAN CLICK ON THE FACEBOOK ICON AND LIKE MY NEW FACEBOOK FAN PAGE FOR CARRIE HITTEL PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!! (Or you can just search for Carrie Hittel Photography on Facebook.) I'm looking for more people to "like" my page! So, if you "like" the page, you can get updates when I put new images up on my new website! Right now, it will be images you recognize from here, but I'd still really love it if you all liked my new FB fan page! And spread the word to anyone else who enjoys photography and might want to like my page, too! Be aware, this is a completely public page, and many of my students (former and current) are likely to be there. Not that I'm expecting anyone to be inappropriate, but ya know....just a head's up.


Let's hope I don't get banned for this! LOL


Click on the pic to see my name nice and big on black! LOL (Might make this a wall paper on my laptop at some point.)


© Carrie Hittel. All rights reserved.

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Taken on August 3, 2013