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New Kid In Town | by Carrie Hittel
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New Kid In Town

Everyone, meet Chipot-Lee!


It's been crazy hot over the past few days, and no chippies have been around. But I also haven't been putting out food. Today, I put out food (and refreshed their water, of course) and then just went inside, to feed myself. When I was done, I looked outside to see if I had any takers, and I saw this guy. My first assumption was that it was Otis....but he just looked WAY too small. So I watched for a while, and when he came closer, I realized it was just a little baby!!!!! He was probably only able to fit two almonds in his mouth at one time. The big boys and girls can fit at least 5.


So we had our first training session today. I think it went swimmingly. He saw where the food and water was. He met me. (And he was most certainly very timid, but he came out for the food after a while.) He got to see the camera, and hear the camera, from a distance. And hopefully, he got to see the area was safe.


HOWEVER, chippies are very territorial....and Otis ran him off. So, I'm hoping he comes back. We shall see. They had a little turf war, when all the almonds were just about gone. So, I went out with more almonds, only this time, they were in my hand. Otis came to me right away (and let me pet him for the first time!) But Chipot-Lee was hanging out in a bush, in the very back of the yard, watching from afar. So, we'll see if he (?) gets daring enough to come back in the next few days. I think it's a he from another picture I took. But it's just so darned difficult to tell!


I wonder if this is where Mama Chippetta has been hiding all this time? I had no idea we were even expecting! I wonder if this is the only baby, or if there are more?


Cropped image. Taken in New Milford, NJ.


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Taken on August 18, 2009