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Snowflake 2 | by Carrie Hittel
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Snowflake 2

One of my photographic goals has been to take pictures of individual snowflakes. This has been a particularly difficult goal to achieve due to a number of reasons. First, the temperature and weather conditions need to be JUST right to create visible snowflakes, worthy of photographing (this is not often). Second, it doesn't snow every day (even if it has snowed often). And third, most of the times it has snowed, it was during a time that I could not get out with my camera. Either it was night time, during school hours, when I had an appointment, or when I was sick (and I was sick for six weeks straight this year, so this was often). I figured I would just have to wait until next year to get the shots I so desired. But winter wasn't done with us yet, even if it was the first day of spring! (After all, I was born in a blizzard at the end of March!) A friend of mine out in West Jersey posted a picture on Facebook of an individual snowflake which got me ALL EXCITED!!! I saw her picture during the school day and could not WAIT to get home to my camera and these snowflakes that seemed to be so well-formed! I just had to hope the temperature and conditions were the same by me, after school. I finally got home, and was THRILLED to see they were! My sister and I had a great time looking at and photographing these snowflakes! I'm sure we looked ridiculous sitting in the snow on our front lawn with blankets and towels. I was using a macro lens. The lens has a VERY narrow depth of field. So, if the flakes weren't completely flat and parallel with my lens, only part of the flake would be in focus. This was frustrating. And despite using a macro lens, it was still very difficult to get the flakes in focus. These that I am posting were the best of the crop. More pictures to come! I'll post a few each day. I'm not thrilled with the red background, but maybe someday I can figure out how to change the color in Lightroom.

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Taken on March 21, 2015