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Son of a...

I turned on my computer last night, and this is what I see. It never boots into WinXP - it just gets to this screen, shuts down, and then tries booting again until it gets this far, and then shuts down and tries again. Anyone know this error, or how to fix it?


The other circumstance is that I have a landline which is also knocked out. I have DSL and phone both through Verizon, and it wouldn't surprise me if the two are connected. My phone has no dial tone, and surprisingly, Verizon's phone support menu system was no help (but they did promise to send a service technician out, between 8am and 8pm, sometime in the next four days, at a cost starting at $91).


There haven't been any storms in the area, but I don't think it's too unlikely that some stray charge came through the phoneline and knocked out both my telephone and DSL - I just hope there's no permanent damage to my PC.

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Taken on March 22, 2007